Case Results

  • Case Dismissed DUI
    Case dismissed after a hearing on a motion to suppress the evidence was granted. Client was racially profiled before being stopped for Driving Under the Influence. Attorney Stephanie Fakih challenged the stop of her client’s vehicle and the court threw out the evidence of the DUI. Without the necessary evidence, the prosecutor had no choice but to dismiss.
  • Not Guilty Felony Domestic Violence
    Client was charged with a third domestic violence (felony). Client was not guilty and wanted to have a jury trial. At trial, the jury heard about the prior domestic violence acts, but Attorney Stephanie Fakih was able to keep the jury focused on the case at hand and the jury returned a not guilty verdict.
  • Not Guilty Threatening Calls
    Client charged with making threatening phone calls to her son’s school, following an incident with her son and another person at school. Client was facing jail time and probation, but maintained her innocence. The case was taken to trial and the jury found her not guilty.
  • Case Dismissed Drug Crime
    Client charged with loitering where narcotics are kept when police found him with his cousin in possession of marijuana. His cousin was a medical marijuana patient and Attorney Stephanie Fakih filed a motion to dismiss the charge. On the morning of the motion hearing, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case.
  • Full Acquittal Domestic Violence
    Client charged with domestic violence after his scorned ex-wife called the police and alleged he hit her. Client maintained his innocence and after a jury trial, client was acquitted.
  • DUI Reduced and 3 Civil Infractions Dismissed DUI and 3 Civil Infractions
    Client charged with super-drunk DUI and 3 civil infractions. Attorney Stephanie Fakih was able to negotiate a deal where the prosecutor reduced the super-drunk DUI to driving while impaired and dismissed all 3 of the civil infractions and client was placed on a 12-month term of probation.
  • Dismissal of 6/7 charges Client Charged With 7 Counts

    5 felony counts of possession/uttering & publishing counterfeit bills and 2 misdemeanor charges. Started trial on Monday afternoon and on Tuesday morning prosecutor offered to dismiss all but one of the felony counts of uttering and publishing counterfeit bills with an agreement to serve 30 days in jail.

  • Not Guilty Assault & Battery
    Attorney Stephanie Fakih's client got charged with assault and battery at Royal Oak High School. She fought hard for her client in trial and got him acquitted.