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Understanding the Types of Federal Laws in Michigan

State and federal jurisdictions are clearly defined in United States law. While most cases are tried in the state system, certain matters are tried in federal court based on provisions in the Constitution.

Federal crimes include the following, and more:

  • Tax evasion and fraud
  • Counterfeiting currency
  • Felonies committed at sea
  • Matters impacted by the “Commerce Clause”
  • Naturalization and immigration-related offenses
  • Offenses that occur on federal government property

What Are Separate Action Cases in Michigan?

The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution protects citizens from “double jeopardy”—receiving more than one penalty for the same crime. Despite this, some state offenses can also be tried on the federal level, such as a crime that involves crossing a state border. This is called “separate action.”

Controversially, the federal government may also bring charges regarding regulations otherwise handled by the states based on the Commerce Clause in the Constitution, which states that the federal government has the right to regulate interstate commerce.

Rights First Law P.C. Federal Court System Legal Counsel

After an individual is arrested and charged with a federal crime, they will have an initial hearing or arraignment where they will either be released or held on bail. After this, the defendant may have the option to avoid a trial through a plea bargain; but if not, the process continues through a preliminary hearing, trial, and sentencing. The process can be overwhelming, not least because your future is at stake.

Don’t let yourself be treated like a criminal before you’re tried. At Rights First Law, we know how the federal court system works. We can fight against any unfair charge or overstep of the system. We can guide you through the process and stand by you. You can rely on us for the effective legal defense you deserve.

Don’t go to federal court alone. Contact us for a free consultation at (248) 785-3334 and learn how our federal crimes lawyer in Birmingham can fight for you.

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